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Glenn Humplik from “The Tom Green Show” Would Rather Not Have His Dingleberries Munched

So I’ve been messing around a little bit on Twitter the past few months. I initially created my account with intentions of shamelessly promoting my blog, but after I got used to the features of Twitter, I started liking the social component of it. I originally didn’t have intentions of conversing with anyone, but so far I have met some really cool people on Twitter.

Through Twitter, I have somewhat conversed with a few celebrities. Tom Green is one of them. Tom Green has retweeted a few of my “@” messages to him (as long as what I wrote was in some way promoting his own stand-up comedy tour and/or website) and I have received a couple “@” messages from him. An “@” message is basically a public response or shout out that is visible to all of your followers. Regardless of Tom Green’s intentions of self-promotion while simultaneously giving me props for promoting him, I was extremely excited to receive any form of response from the guy. I have always considered him one of the most hilarious people on earth and I believe the brilliance of his unique brand of humor has been consistently misperceived over the years.

I referenced Tom Green’s infamous movie, “Freddy Got Fingered” and his rap album, “Prepare for Impact” a couple months ago in the Rick “The Mullet Man” Suave-infested post, “The Trailer Trash Tranquilizer.”

The funniest thing that has happened to me in my short journey with Twitter was associated with Tom Green. Tom Green regularly provokes his Twitter followers to create interesting ways of promoting his stand-up tour and website. If you send him an “@” message which contains unique promotion of his stand-up comedy tour or website, he may either retweet your post to his thousands of followers or publically respond to you via “@” message which will also be visible to his thousands of followers.

One time, I decided to write him a disgusting “@” message that promoted his stand-up comedy tour to my Twitter followers. The message said, “I would rather munch Glenn Humplik’s dingleberries than miss out on Tom Green’s stand-up comedy tour.” I mentioned in a previous entry titled, “I Ate a Fart” that I consider ingestion of dingleberries to be one of the most disgusting acts possible. To those of you who haven’t caught on to my sarcastic nature, I wouldn’t literally munch Glenn Humplik or anyone’s dingleberries under any circumstances. This was simply my attempt at being disgustingly funny while simultaneously promoting Tom Green’s stand-up tour. I didn’t think the disgust factor would matter much to Tom Green, considering some of the disgusting stunts he has performed and become notorious for.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with “The Tom Green Show,” Glenn Humplik was the guy on the show who Tom used to regularly tease and terrorize on the show. He was the butt of many jokes and pranks that were instigated by Tom. These jokes and pranks never failed to result in hilarity. Glenn’s reactions to them were a large reason why it was so funny.

green glenn humplik friends
Glenn Humplik and Tom Green

Tom Green did not retweet or send me an “@” response after I sent him this “@” message. I wasn’t surprised because I had read somewhere that Tom Green is no longer legally allowed to mention Glenn’s name in his comedy or promotion of his comedy. Many people have wondered whether or not the former duo are on speaking terms or even friends these days.

Tom Green did not respond to this particular message. However, Glenn Humplik did. He wrote me an “@” message later that evening that read, “I would appreciate it if you didn’t munch on my dingleberries. Thank you.” I didn’t take this message too seriously. I responded via “@” message with, “So…you are admitting you have dingleberries? You need to improve your hygiene, Mr. Humplik!!!” After all, why would he state that he doesn’t want his dingleberries munched if he didn’t have dingleberries to begin with? I didn’t receive another response from Mr. Humplik.

The fact that Glenn Humplik sent me an “@” message pertaining to a potential threat of his dingleberries being munched told me a few things:

1.) Glenn Humplik doesn’t want his dingleberries munched. I don’t blame him. If I had dingleberries (which I don’t,) I would prefer to dispose of them myself opposed to having an apparent Tom Green fan munching on them.

2.) I believe Tom Green and Glenn Humplik are at least on speaking terms and probably still good friends. I sent the “@” message to Tom Green, not Glenn Humplik. How would Glenn know that some random Twitter user mentioned his name to Tom Green in such a weird manner? When an “@” message is sent, the message is shown on the sender’s profile, not the recipient’s. The “@” message can be seen by the person who the message was directed to, but it does not show up on their profile unless they retweet it. Tom Green did not retweet the post so it didn’t show up on his own profile. Therefore, I am assuming that Tom Green saw the “@” message and privately informed Glenn that some weird dude on Twitter said he would rather “eat Glenn Humplik’s dingleberries than miss his stand-up tour.” I am guessing that this prompted Glenn to send me the “@” message.

3.) Although Glenn Humplik does not want to be associated with Tom Green’s comedy and wants to stay out of the spotlight, he hasn’t lost his sense of humor. The fact that he responded to such a ridiculous statement with the same good sportsmanship he portrayed in “The Tom Green Show” supports this claim.

I can just imagine watching reruns of “The Tom Green Show” with my daughter in the future. When Glenn’s face shows up on the screen, I can honestly say to my daughter, “See that man right there, Kaiya? He told me that he would rather me not munch on his dingleberries.” Her response to this statement will probably be, “Daddy, what’s a dingleberry?”

tom green prepare impact
Considering the fact that Rick “The Mullet Man” Suave beat down a couple of kids to get a hold of some Tom Green material, I could see him munching some dingleberries if he was rewarded with tickets to a Tom Green stand-up comedy show.