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Dancing Phenom, Shea Swaff Dancing to “I Put on for My City” by Young Jeezy

Just when you started thinking that my dad is the only person on the receiving end of my jokes….. WRONG!!!

The dancing phenomenon in this video is my 15 year old brother, Shea. Shea is a character. I did have plans for him as starring as a younger version of Rick’s brother, Rootbeer, but the little guy recently went on a growth spurt and no longer can fit the part, due to young Rick being played by my youngest brother, Brennan, who isn’t very close to Shea’s size any more. Not to mention, if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been very active in updating The Chronicles of Rico. I have been very busy these past few months with the birth of my 2nd daughter, Phaedra in a year and a half. I pretty much decided that I am not going to make it a priority to update this site. I am going to move at my own pace and post entries whenever I feel like it…

And besides, I wonder how many people in this world think that I am a complete tool because of what they have seen/read on this site. If I said I didn’t care what people think of me, I’d be lying to you.

Who knows… maybe I’ll say, “screw it” and go on another kick again. I have about a hundred of either unpublished or unwritten stories that I have saved on my computer. Another blog kick in the future is possible…just as long as it doesn’t become time consuming to the point where it interferes with the time I am able to spend with my family.

SO…. the backstory to this video. Shea was at a wrestling camp of some sort, and he was obviously really feeling this song by this dude Young Jeezy…who I admittedly have never heard of. Another member of the team/friend of the family/MONSTER on the wrestling mat, Adam Drain caught part of Shea’s dancing routine on video and Shea had no idea the video had been shot until after they returned from the trip.

I thought it was pretty funny. I will probably attempt that dance every time the Kansas City Chiefs score a TD this year.

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