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Huggies? Can I Have Huggies, Daddy? Please Daddy?

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When I was last actively and consistently updating this blog, my daughter Kaiya was less than a year old, I think.  So it’s been a while since y’all have heard about her or how she is doing.  Kaiya is my daughter and she is 2 years old and she is doing very well. I can honestly say that I have never and will never meet another Kaiya in my lifetime.  She is a unique little character, to me anyways.  Here is a recent photo of Kaiya and my 28 year old brother Justin:

Kaiya and Uncle Justin. I love this pic. Kai loves Uncle Justin and she should…he’s a wonderful uncle.


It is amazing how quickly time flies. Since I was last consistently updating this blog, I’ve actually become the father of another daughter, Phaedra. She is 8 months old now. I don’t know if I ever got the chance to write about her, even when we were just expecting her.  I have an entry that will be posted in the near future that is about her. Well, I should say it is about an event that took place when Krystal was pregnant with her. She is a smiley little thang.  Every time I merely glance at her, she smiles.  It’s heart-warming.

My 8 month old daughter, Phaedra and I. This was taken around Christmas time. She was 7 months old when this picture was taken.

Sometimes the girls really crack me up. The other evening, I switched a load of laundry over. Our washer and dryer is located in our basement and prior to switching the laundry, the girls and I were chilling upstairs in our living room.  They were playing with their toys on the floor in diligent fashion, so I figured it would be ok if I left them upstairs by themselves for a couple minutes while I ran downstairs to switch over the laundry.  I have various spots in the room barricaded with fences, gates, car seats, bouncers, laundry baskets, walkers, etc. with intentions of preventing Phaedra from escaping the living room or reaching the laptop which is always located on the ground, hooked up to the TV so we can watch Netflix or put CELL PHONE CHARGERS in her mouth. I don’t know if it’s just a thing with my daughters, but they can’t resist putting the ends of cell phone chargers in their mouths. They usually manage to ruin them in the process. We’ve probably gone through 10 cell phone chargers in the past year. Kaiya is finally snapping out of that phase, but right when she snapped out of it, Phaedra began doing it, so I’m starting to think our cell phone chargers are in permanent danger as long as we have babies reproduced by Krystal and I living in our house.

So I switch the laundry over and walk back up the stairs and open the gate that we have latched at the top of the stairs. I casually glanced to see what Kaiya and Phaedra were up to. They were sitting next to each other, seemingly being good and playing with their toys. I couldn’t get over how cute they looked, sitting there playing next to each other. Not fighting with each other.

It was at that moment where Kaiya noticed that I was back upstairs and she stopped what she was doing and burst up to her feet and ran at me with her arms outstretched and an ornery, shit eating grin on her face and she asked in a Daddy-crippling innocent tone:

“Daddy? Huggies? Can I have Huggies? Please Daddy?”

This melted ol’ Daddy Rico’s heart. Contrary to what some of you who have read my blog may think of me, I am actually a huge softy.  In fact, I really don’t know if I know any dudes who are bigger mooshball-softies than I am. I mean, I can be a huge, huge hot-head if pissed off. I’m not a wimp by any means, just very sentimental. To give you an idea of the extent as to how much of a sentimental softy I really am, I’ll give you one of countless examples: I can’t make it through the movie, “Dumbo,” without sobbing like a baby. How’s that for pathetic?

So I gave Kaiya a “huggy” without even thinking twice about it.  However, while I was giving her a hug, the image of the ornery expression on her face crossed my mind.  Not to mention, Kaiya is getting to the age where she is beginning to learn some tricks of manipulation.  The, “Daddy? Huggies? Can I have huggies, please?” is a trick I am quite familiar with. She uses it frequently…and I can catch on to it fairly easily.  She probably uses this tactic so frequently because she has caught on to the fact that it works so well due to me being such a huge softy.

I knew this for sure: Within the five or so minutes I was downstairs switching over laundry, Kaiya had been up to something.  She had either gotten in to something she knew she wasn’t supposed to get into or she had done something she knew she wasn’t supposed to do. It was just a matter if finding out what it was.  I may be a softy, but I’m not going to be a naïve father. I know how things roll. I am always going to know when something is up.

I scoured the area on the living room floor in which they were playing on.  I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out what she did.  Was it possible that she really just was excited to see me after I was downstairs for 5 minutes and she simply wanted to give me a hug?  That’d be nice if it were the case.

Since I couldn’t find anything fishy in the perimeter, I gradually forgot about it. I turned Netflix on. The girls and I all watched DJ Lance do his thing on a few episodes of “Yo Gabba Gabba.”  I became hungry and grabbed a can of mandarin oranges to munch on.  I brought them into the living room to eat while watching TV.  I sat down in our love seat, which is located right next to where the girls were playing when I had come upstairs to and was welcomed by Kaiya’s suspiciously overly pleasant greeting.  I rested my arm on the arm of the love seat and suddenly, something white caught the corner of my eye. I glanced over to see what it was. I saw this:

There in the corner BEHIND the love seat, on the floor in the open area between the back of the love seat, a rocking chair and the wall were wet-wipes. Tons of them, within millimeters of the package they came in. Kaiya had dug them all out of the package and reached her arm through opening to that space and placed tons of them there. She made a mess. And she knew it.


I became a bit upset and thought to myself, “yep, this is why she used the ‘Daddy, can I have huggies’ trick.” I began to throw a “Daddy” tantrum.  I looked at Kaiya and blurted, in a loud, gruff tone of voice, “Kaiya!!! Why did you get into those wet-wipes?!?!”  You know better than that!!! Am I going to have to send you to time-out?!?”  Kaiya, who made eye contact with me the entire duration of my stern lecture did not answer my question.  Instead, her mouth formed an ornery grin and she ran up to me with her arms ever-so-gradually outstretching as she inquired with such innocence:

“Huggies? Can I have huggies, Daddy? Please Daddy, can I have huggies?”

So…..I gave her a hug. She has me wrapped around her finger, no doubt about it. But I did make her clean up the mess, which she liked doing for some reason.


Oh well, at least I’ve never encountered something like this:

While my daughter politely asking me for hugs with outstretched arms melts my heart, I must say, I would hate to encounter this: Rick “The Mullet Man” Suave innocently asking, “Huggies? Can I have huggies, Rico?” The testes that flop around freely at the side of his jean shorts would be in definite danger, for I’d probably be looking to kick him there. Not to mention, I would wonder why he wanted “huggies?” I’d assume it was because he snuck into our house and ate our dog food. Rat bastard.