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Papa Swaff (My Dad) = The Swaffinator with an Outrageous Chin-Butt

The month of August is approaching. This is an exciting time for me.  Ya know why? Lollapalooza and preparation for fantasy football. Fun…times.

If you’ve kept up with my blog in the recent and distant past, most of you know my dad, Papa Swaff aka Papa Suave and presumably love the guy by now. One thing you may not know about him is that he is a very competitive player in my Yahoo Fantasy Football league.  His team in my fantasy football league is called “The Swaffinators.”

As commissioner of my league, it is my responsibility to set things up in terms of who is in the league, who owes money, various settings, etc.  I told my dad that I would renew his team in my league.  When I asked him if he wanted to be the “Swaffinators” again, he replied, “yep.”

So I registered his team and even created a custom image for him.  Here is the custom image I created for him:

terminator dad

My dad is a Swaffinator. He will Swaffinate you. Hasta la vista, baby.

Now that’s a pretty freaking awesome team logo, in my opinion.  And it hasn’t been modified at all!!!

Ok, I lied.  It has been modified a little bit. Are you able to immediately pick up on where the modification of the photo took place?

Is my dad a Swaffinator? Damn straight.

Is my dad a Terminator? You better believe it.

Does my dad wear his leather jacket without an undershirt, thus exposing his chest? Hell yeah…wouldn’t you do the same if you were fortunate enough to have a sexy body like Papa Suave?

Does my dad carry and/or flash a revolver? Oh yeah, no doubt about it. As you may have read in past entries, my dad is freaking crazy, yo. He’s always carrying and flashing a piece. Papa Suave = gangzta.

Does my dad have a chin-butt? Nope.  The chin-butt is the ONLY thing about this photo that I modified via GIMP aka poor man’s Photoshop.

* What makes the chin-butt on my dad’s face in this photo funny, is how I did it.  My method of hooking the “Swaffinator” up with an awesome chin-butt began with me google searching, “pics of hairy butts.” I browsed through the results and found the most fitting hairy butt to suit my dad’s chin. I then saved the hairy butt to my computer. When it was time to modify the butt and place it on my dad’s chin, I began by making the butt smaller, cutting the butt from it’s original photo, posting the butt on the “Swaffinator” photo and tried my best to blend the color of the butt with my dad’s skin tone, which unfortunately included spray-brush painting my dad’s skin tone over the hair on the butt (which is why you can’t see any hair on the chin-butt).  And then, BAZINGA!!!! My dad is not only a terminator, but he also has an outrageous chin-butt!!!

It looks good on him.  He looks like one intimidating, sexual freaking Tyrannosaurus.  I pity the fool who has to face him in fantasy football this year and dread the weekend that I have to face him.