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Congrats to New SNL Cast Member, Brooks Wheelan

Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while, may recall a story I posted titled, “God Bless the Day After Devil’s Night 2008,” in which I chronicled my experiences from Halloween that year (click on title of the story if you want to read it).  If so, you may also recall a picture of me dressed as “Green Man” from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” standing between two guys dressed as the Mcpoyle brothers from that show.  Here is the pic I am referring to:


snl cast brooks wheelan

In that entry, I wrote in the caption of that pic that the guy on the right is a friend of mine named Brooks Wheelan and that he had moved to L.A. to pursue a career in stand-up comedy…followed by encouraging you to check out his stuff for he is a funny dude.

Well, 5 years have passed and guess how Brooks is doing???  QUITE WELL!!! He is a new cast member of Saturday Night Live.

I’ve had many conversations with Brooks regarding his goals and aspirations in comedy as well as my own. This is a guy who is brilliant and could have easily pursued a career in something that requires an insane amount of intelligence…kid could have been a freaking nuclear physicist if he wanted to. But he chose comedy, which is widely considered a more far-fetched field to be successful in, even when compared to striving to become something as prestigious as a nuclear physicist.  This is a guy who knew what he wanted, made huge sacrifices to attain what he wanted despite being well-aware that he was capable of succeeding in countless other career choices, and appears to be on the road to achieving his hefty goals that he made for himself.  I know this for a fact. When he still lived in Iowa, we had many lengthy discussions regarding both of our goals in the field of comedy…this cat was bound and determined…and it paid off.

Anyways, hat’s off to Mr. Brooks Wheelan!  There literally isn’t anyone more deserving of the accolades he has achieved. And he acquired his gift honestly…every Wheelan I have met is naturally hilarious and flat-out nice and unassuming. I’ve never heard anyone say a negative thing about a Wheelan. Both parents are good-natured and funny. Brooks’s wrestling fanatic of an older brother, Brett, is one of the most naturally funny people I have ever met in my life…which says a lot, for I’ve met some funny people. I’ve heard both, Brooks and Brett make statements about their oldest brother, Brad being a unique personality…I don’t know Brad as well as I know Brooks or Brett, but I wouldn’t expect anything short of gut-busting hilarity from a Wheelan bro.  Wonderful family.

white trash restaurant

Props from Rick “The Mullet Man.” Rock on, dudely!