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Create a Funny Meme of the Mullet Man and I’ll Post the Funniest Ones and Give You Credit

I don’t quite know what to think of my website.


I know that many people seem to really like it. I am guessing there are people who think I am ridiculous for maintaining it, which bothers me, but I am more appreciative of the people who find humor in it than I am worried about the people who find it appalling. I can’t help, but wonder who to be embarrassed around, though… Sometimes I don’t know whether to feel awkward around certain people or not.


I do know that this website isn’t absolutely huge in terms of notoriety. However, I know it’s not small, either… sometimes I feel like it’s on the tipping point of going viral. There are reasons for this. When I went to Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois this past Summer, I was approached 5 times by complete strangers who asked me (with beaming smiles on their faces) if I was “Rico” from The Chronicles of Rico. One person even asked me if I was going to get drunk to the point where I was going to piss myself…which indicated to me that they read my story, “My Sleep Pissing Career,” which I wrote 5 years ago…maybe longer. 2 of them were groups of 5 or so people. So 3 individuals and 2 groups of people recognized me in a city that is located 4-5 hrs from where I reside. I already knew that people from the area I reside in were aware of this site. When I am updating regularly and/or go out, it is guaranteed that I have 2-3 people at least approach me and tell me that they have read the entries on this site…and laughed. Sometimes I suspect it’s a guilty pleasure for some people. I had NO clue that it had spread all the way to Chicago.  So what did I do immediately when I got home? I put this site on private so nobody, but me could see it. Honestly, being recognized in a big city, a long ways away from home…it freaked me out a little bit. I am now convinced that I don’t maintain this site because I am an attention whore…I’ve wondered about myself in that regard plenty of times. The attention makes me skittish. I genuinely do just like making people laugh.


And get this… there have been several occasions where the mullet man has been used for something by total strangers, and it ended up getting back to me. The mullet man has been featured in 2 advertisements that I know of…one of them from a successful company that sells fishing merchandise. They ripped the pic of the mullet man fishing from a bridge (from the story, “These Dingleberries Who Fish Off Busy Bridges” and used the tagline, “don’t be like this guy. Buy our fishing lures for 30% off today!!!” I wouldn’t have known about any of these adds if it weren’t for my friends randomly stumbling across these ads and telling me about it. CRAZY!!! LOL!!


Another thing from my site that has made rounds on the web and has ultimately made it’s way back to me is memes…of the mullet man…created by total strangers. There have been several occasions where I have received a text from someone saying, “yo Swaff, check it out, there is a meme of your mullet guy being shared all over the internet.” Sure enough…people have been doing this…and they’ve been getting shared all over the place on Facebook.


The latest meme that made it’s way to me, really cracked me up. I don’t know who created it, but props to whoever it was!!! Here it is:


american mullet man


Perfect. Whoever created that meme is hilarious.


This gave me an idea… there are several self-deprecating pics of me on this site via the mullet man, so I decided to make a gallery of all of the mullet man photos that have been posted here. If you look at the bottom right corner of the screen, under the title “THIS IS RICKDICKULOUS!!!” you will see a link titled, “The Mullet Man Photo Gallery.” This link will contain all of the mullet man pics on this site… You will have plenty to work with, trust me. If you are unable to locate this, here is the link: http://ricoswaff.com/blog1/?page_id=2487  


OK, SO HERE IS THE THING. The pics in that gallery have a TON of funny meme potential, like the meme I posted above. Here is what I want you to do…I want you to browse through those pics and select a photo or photos and create a funny meme. Send the meme to me as an attachment via email… ricoswaff@ricoswaff.com. The funniest ones I receive will be posted on this site and you will be given full credit for creating the meme…unless you want to remain anonymous…which if that’s the case, state that you want to be anonymous in the email. I may start doing a “Best Meme of the Week” type of deal if I receive enough emails. 




I hope to hear from you! I have more stories coming… I have a set of stories that will be part of an “e-book” called, “The Misadventures of Pooperman.” I’ve wanted to write these stories for years, but they are so self-defecating (literally) that I refuse to write them without either being paid to write them or at least having some privacy with them…the stories are embarrassing. I have other free stories that will be posted on this site in the near future.


I HOPE TO RECEIVE A TON OF FUNNY FUCKING MEMES FROM YOU!!! I have funny readers and I love that. Keep it going!