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Another Rick Meme Sighting was Brought to My Attention. This Time by itsajeepmeme’s Instagram

A couple months ago, a bunch of people noticed a meme of ol’ mullet Rick appearing on their facebook newsfeeds via several shares. I thought it was funny, for the meme was spreading like wildfire and I had absolutely no clue  who created it.  When that happened, I decided to write a post, asking for people to make their best “Rick” memes and send them to me via email ricoswaff@ricoswaff.com and I would publish the best ones. This didn’t catch on as I would have liked. I only received a few of them and one of them I couldn’t post, for it was a meme of Rick’s brother, Rootbeer…who is played by my actual brother, Justin. The meme was a bit obscene and I wasn’t too sure my brother wanted to be connected to it.


You remember Rootbeer, right?  Story: Rick the Mullet Man’s Brother, Rootbeer


Maybe this will refresh your memory:


root beer trash

Rootbeer on the left, Rick on the right. Rick is pissed because Rootbeer is wearing his clothes and is using his prized “butt-scratcher.”


Fun times. I need to make another Rootbeer post…Justin is funny.


There was one meme that was sent to me that I thought was worthy of being posted, for I think it’s pretty funny. It was created by my cousin, David “Superbeast” Swafford.


mullet meme



Good work, Cousin Superbeast!!!


Rick has been randomly spotted and pointed out to me by my friends on numerous social media websites, created by complete strangers, usually in the form of a meme, but also in advertisements… One of my favorite advertisements was with a fishing lures company called 5X3 Fishing. They posted the following pic of Rick fishing off of a busy bridge as seen in the story, “Dingleberries Who Fish Off Busy Bridges.”  Their tagline was, “Don’t Be Like This Guy! Buy Our Fishing Lures for 30% Off Today!!!” Funny stuff…


white trash fisherman

You definitely don’t want to be like THIS guy.


Well, so semi-recently, another Rick meme surfaced. This one was created and posted by “itsajeepmeme” on Instagram. Similar to past random Rick sightings, this meme was discovered by one of my friends who called it to my attention. I have no idea who “itsajeepmeme” is…I just know they have a lot of fans on Instagram.  Check out the meme they posted of Rick:


jeep meme white trash

Well done, itsajeepmeme. Very funny stuff.  I think the last time I looked, the pic had well over 2000 likes…close to 3000, I think. I don’t know shit about Instagram, but it sounds like a lot…?


I wonder how many memes, advertisements, etc. the mullet man has been used for that I am unaware of…?


Man…I’ve got a funny mullet man picture story in the works… It’s called, “Rick The Mullet Man Writes an Alphabet Poem.”  That post will probably be my funniest one to date, IMO… I have been putting it off for 5 years…I have a ton of stories that I have put off for 5 or more years. I have the poem written as well as the back story… I just need a few more pics to be snapped. And I think I may create a video for it. This will be the first time that I will be posting a mullet man video…so I need to work on getting his voice right… I think the voice I have in mind for him will work…a deep, husky, gravelly voice with a hill-rod accent?  Sound good? I’m up for suggestions…