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A Funny Conversation I Had with My Grandma Swafford.

This will be short and sweet.


Here is a conversation I had with my Grandma Swafford a couple years ago. I thought it was funny… Especially if you grew up on a farm with a bunch of cats.


Me: Do you like cats?


Grandma Swafford:  No, not necessarily. Because well, they are so cute and funny when they are kittens but then they turn into, well…(long pause while she tries to think of a way to explain what she means to say)…… cats.


Haha…I knew what she meant. Not that I don’t like cats when they grow up…I grew up with thousands of barn cats over the years. You know the house I grew up in since I was 8-9 years old… Big, old, white farm house in the country….we’ve always had a few horses…and tons of cats…barn cats.


Growing up around these extensive feline societies (I swear, barn cats all have a very obvious pecking order/hierarchy), you realize that a lot of the cats are cool and a few of them are “meh,” and a few of them are just straight-up spooky…And that’s putting it lightly. Many people who have been around barn-cats their whole lives just really, really hate cats. Some love them.


I think some are awesome. Can’t stand the spooky ones though.


I don’t have a mullet-man pic for this one. This just came to mind and I want to post it on here because I don’t want to forget it. Hypothetically, when I am 50 years old…and my grandparents have been dead for years, it’s conversations like these…with them or anyone I loved who I haven’t seen in years… I dunno, I would just be grateful that this were a memory I did not forget…because I had it written down somewhere.


I wish I would have written more notes down about some of the cool memories I’ve had with my 3 grandparents and all great-grandparents who have died. I should probably just start writing stuff like this in a notepad or Microsoft Word. Whatever… for now, it’s here.


I have a few posts I want to get to…I just can’t ever seem to find the time or motivation to get to them.


There are two posts I have been putting off for 5 years or longer.  I think that will be the funniest shit I’ve ever posted, but I just can’t get to it because I know it will take forever, for I will want to make it look perfect.  One of these days, maybe….


Thanks for reading.