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The Bren and the Bees

So my 13 year old brother Shea, 10 year old brother Brennan and I were digging around the house for ancient family artifacts and we discovered something hilarious. It was an assignment Brennan completed in 1st grade which asked for him to write about his favorite book he read in science class (pictured below.)

Brennan's Assignment

For those of you who are having a difficult time deciphering what Brennan wrote by looking at the picture, it reads…

Header: Brennan Age 7, 1-R

“I lik the bee one becus the boys only do one job and the girles do tuns and the only job the male bees do is mate with the queen.”

Here is the translation for what he wrote.

“My favorite book was the one about bees. This was appealing to me because I learned that the boys only have one job, which is mating with the queen while the girls have a ton of work to do.”

I am not really sure what was going through his 7 year old mind at the time, but it definitely comes off as if his opinion of the ideal life would consist of doing nothing, but bangin a hot chick while he had a bunch of females acting as his maid simultaneously.

Now what kind of teacher would instill such chauvinistic attitudes and outlooks into their young, imaginative, budding students? Well the top of the paper had “1-R” written on it. The “1” obviously stands for being in 1st grade, and the R stands for the teacher. Who is “R?” Who with a name that begins with “R” would teach children such preposterous things? After a few seconds of pondering this, I believe I solved the mystery. Brennan’s teacher was Mr. Nasty himself……Rick “The Mullet Man” Suave.

Rick "The Mullet Man" Suave with his protege student, Brennan Swafford.

Brennan Swafford posing with his literary masterpiece.

Rick "The Mullet Man" Suave really is a class act.

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