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Top 10 Songs that Bring Me Back to the Swimming Pool

I went to the swimming pool frequently during the summer when I was younger. I went an average of 3-5 times per week most summers beginning when I was 7 years old until I was 14.  This meant I attended the pool a lot from the years 1990-1997.  I still went every once in a while when I was in high school, but not as much as when I was younger.  In high school I went to the pool 3-5 times per summer opposed to 3-5 times per week. 

Prior to attaining my license, going to the swimming pool was hands down my biggest source of social interaction with friends and acquaintances with an exception of school.  I didn’t live in town, and my house was too far away to ride my bike into town.  I rode my bike into town a few times, but it usually ended up being a pain in the ass, literally. My ass would be in pain after riding my bike up and down hills for an hour just to reach town.  Those plastic seats on bicycles refuse to show your ass any courtesy. 

The swimming pool I went to was in Mediapolis, IA.  This was my hometown, where I attended elementary, middle and high school.  It has a population of  less than 1500 people. At the Mediapolis swimming pool, they have always blared the pop stations as their source of music.  If you went to the swimming pool frequently, you would hear whatever songs were popular at the time, 5 times apiece within the 2-3 hour period you were there.  Therefore, if you went to the swimming pool 5 times per week, you would hear certain songs 25 times per week not including the times you heard them while not at the pool. 

I became so sick of some of those songs.  There are some songs that I heard at the pool so many times that when I hear them now, I instantly think of the hours I spent doinking around at the swimming pool. It feels like a full-fledged flashback.  Right when I hear these songs, not only do I think about doinking around at the swimming pool, but I swear I can almost hear common sounds from the pool such as; water splashing, children screaming, people jumping off of the diving board, etc.  I also feel like I can smell the chlorinated water.  In other words, when I hear these songs that I heard at the swimming pool so many times, it brings me right back to my youth at the swimming pool. I feel like I am there. Does this happen to you?

Here is my top 10 list of songs that bring me back to playing at the swimming pool as a youth.  I will put links to youtube videos of the songs in case you need to refresh your memory.

10.) “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane  http://bit.ly/duzpfc

This song was frequently played on the radio for at least 2-3 summers.  I liked it at first, but after hearing it a billion times it made my skin crawl.  This song seemed to be a favorite amongst the other kids who were at the pool.  Kids would be singing along to it and playing the air guitar whenever it came on.  I remember thinking about how badly I wanted to punch a hole in their faces.  I couldn’t comprehend how it was possible to like that song after it had been so excruciatingly over-played. 

9.) “Rush Rush” by Paula Abdul  http://bit.ly/R1ZBd

When this song was popular and played at the swimming pool in relentless fashion, I misunderstood the lyrics.  I thought it was called “Mush Mush.”  I thought Paula Abdul was a pervert because to me, “mush mush” meant that Paula Abdul was squeezing some guys “mushy” buttcheeks.  That is seriously what I thought this song was about. 

8.) “Living In Danger” by Ace of Base  http://bit.ly/SGtfM

This song was popular the summer when I was 11 years old.  When I heard this song at the swimming pool, I would secretly become creeped out.  The lyrics, “In the eyes of a stranger, you’ll be living in danger” made me feel as if my life was in danger because of some creep-wad stranger at the swimming pool.  “The Sign,” “All That She Wants” and “Don’t Turn Around” are some more Ace of Base songs that definitely fit the description of being over-played at the swimming pool. 

7.) “Wild Wild West” by The Escape Club  http://bit.ly/3j8HU9

I remember this male lifeguard used to act like he was jizzing in his pants every time this song came on. He freaking loved that song. I know this for a fact because every time it came on he was like, “I freaking love this song!”  I remember thinking to myself, “yes we know you love this song, dumbass. I wish I was 7 or 8 years older so I could beat your stupid ass!”   I couldn’t understand how it was possible that someone who spent the majority of his summer working at the pool and listening to the crappy pop stations every minute he was there, could possibly cream in his pants whenever this over-played song came on. I also didn’t understand how a song written in 1988 which contained the lyrics, “heading for the 90’s, living in the wild wild west” was still being over-played on pop stations in 1994.

6.) “Wishing on a Star” by Cover Girls  http://bit.ly/QZntx

To this day, whenever I mention to someone how many times I heard this song at the swimming pool, noone knows what song I am talking about.  Did everyone put ear-plugs in when this song came on or what?  If so, then that was probably a good idea. For those of you who don’t recall this song, it was sang by some girl with a high-pitched voice.  It is the song that goes, “wishing on a starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, to find out where you arrrrrrrrreeeeee.” I can’t be the only person in the world who heard this song a million times. I don’t think there was a swimming pool song that I hated worse than this one.  Every time this song came on, I would grab one of those sinking sticks, throw it in the deep end and dive for it so I could be under water while the song was playing.  The bad thing was that even while swimming under water, I could still vaguely hear the song.  It sounded muffled, but I could definitely still hear it. 

5.) “I’ve Been Thinking About You” by Londonbeat  http://bit.ly/18eR8e

I used to love this song.  In fact, I still do.  I used to totally get into this song when I heard it played at the swimming pool.  If there was a girl I was thinking about who was also at the pool when this song was playing, I remember glancing at her in an attempt to find out whether or not she was thinking of me too. 

4.) “I Want to be Rich” by Calloway. http://bit.ly/9qlHar

Kids used to go crazy when this song came on.  The lyrics to the chorus of this song were, “I want money, lots and lots of money, I want the pie in the sky. I want money, lots and lots of money, so don’t be asking me why. I want to be rich!”  I could always personally relate to this song, especially while at the swimming pool concession stand.  My mom usually didn’t send my brother and I with an abundance of money to purchase snacks.  I remember staring at these people who bought a Snickers and Mountain Dew at the concession stand with a sense of envy because I usually only had enough money to buy a fucking Laffy Taffy square which would be washed down with drinking fountain water. 

3.) “All-Star” by Smashmouth  http://bit.ly/a36irr

I didn’t go to the pool very much when this song was popular.  I think I was like a Sophomore or Junior in high school at the time.  However, when I did go to the pool at that age, I would hear this song at least 10 times within the couple hours I spent there.  I remember thinking to myself, “wow, every time these little kids hear this song in 10 years, it is going to bring them right back to the swimming pool.”

2.) “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by UB40  http://bit.ly/17zFT1

I remember when I was informed that this song was a cover of an Elvis song.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had heard this song so many times at the swimming pool, that it seemed permanently engraved in my head as a UB40 song. I had a difficult time accepting the fact that it was a cover. My disbelief was heightened when I actually listened to the original Elvis version of the song and discovered that it was so much better than the UB40 cover.  Despite being over-played, I actually kind of liked the UB40 version of that song.  It made me feel like bobbing my head and doing some sort of weird dance.  UB40 to me is a swimming pool band.  Their song, “Red Red Wine” was also over-played at the swimming pool. 

1.) “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette  http://bit.ly/ZpgpX

This song is hands down the song that I remember being played the most at the swimming pool.  This song was made popular by the movie, Pretty Woman. It was played regularly every year I went to the swimming pool.  Evidently, “Pretty Woman” maintained popularity for a long time.  I wouldn’t know, Pretty Woman was never a movie I got into.  One of my babysitters tried persuading me to watch it a few times, and I could only last 10 minutes before wanting to find something else to do.  Every time I hear this song, I seriously feel like I am waiting in line for the diving board at the swimming pool. 

Honorable Mentions: “She Drives Me Crazy” by The Fine Young Cannibals  http://bit.ly/4VuXtH and “That’s Just the Way it is, Baby” by the Rembrandts http://bit.ly/aRPiOr

So……are there any songs that bring you back to the swimming pool when you hear them now???  If so, leave a comment with some of the songs I may have left out. 

When Rick "The Mullet Man" Suave was younger, he couldn't afford admission to the swimming pool. Therefore, he did his share of swimming in puddles.

Although Rick "The Mullet Man" Suave never went to the pool, he walked by plenty of times because he liked the scenery. His favorite songs to hear on the radio were by Kriss Kross. To this day, he will still wear his shorts backwards because he wants to be like them. He thinks Kriss Kross is "west-side." What a dumbass.